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name. Lucy Wilson
age. 16
location. Brisbane, Australia
how you found out about this community. Through search

<i>list ONE per each.</i>
hobby. Surfing
band. Something Corporate
singer. Gwen Stefani
movie. Chicago

tell us more about you. I love to go surfing every morning as well as teach it to younger students on Saturdays. I live in Australia but LOVE to travel. I have one kitty kat who i luv and still live at home with my family but hope to move out soon. I also teach dancing on weekends when i have the time. I loooove to shop and am addicted to shoes!!!

describe yourself in one word.

explain your answers:
if you had the choice to live forever, would you? Depends, if i could live forever without growing old i probably would because although it would be sad to see your friends and family grow old and die you'd get to see so many amazing things and meet tones of new people.

if you had one wish, what would it be?
I know it sounds corny but to end poverty, i feel so bad for all the children of the world who don't have a proper cooked meal and a warm bed at night.

choose one celebrity and bitch about or praise him/her.
I really don't like Mellisa George! I mean dear god PLEASE do something about your eyebrows!!  They annoy me so much!!

who did you promote us to? (this is not mandatory; however, it will probably help earn you more yes votes)
promotional banners -->

if you are accepted, which stamp would you like? Any
stamps -->
post at least 3 pictures, including one body shot.

Me on the right

Me on the left

me = right

me very right

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